Feeling zen, The importance of a good psychology in betfair trading

Had a day off today to spend as a family and enjoy being a dad. We went to visit Salisbury since its so nearby, lovely city but I'm obviously steering clear of any perfume... Worth a visit if you're into history. There's not much there except the cathedral and the museum. I enjoyed it, and the littlen was asleep for most of it, which is understandable when you're 5 months old.

The time away from sports betting has left me with a clear head and perhaps a better view on how to tackle current tasks. There's nothing like a bit of homework to set yourself. There are a few things I want to look into with regards to theories behind market positions, the way markets work and what not. In addition, I need to set out clear goals prior to jumping on a race card. What races to avoid, what ones will be profitable. This can then be reflected upon and analysed to -hopefully- give me better results.


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