It's difficult not to get swept up at the moment when there's a big event on and half a million pounds frothing around the markets.

I got it today, it clicked, I was making some good money in training mode, the first two races were going nicely,  nice amount of liquidity and some decent scalping was being had. then came Cheltenham. The market was just all over the place, It was like watching an ECG, only much less predictable.

The races today confirmed a few more things today, my research suggested that there may be  'blips' in the market when the previous race ends and all the traders go piling into the next one. When that occurs, the market jitters and if you have a position open its more luck then anything if you can close out with a profit.

Some other things worth mentioning, understand the tools of your trade thoroughly before dipping into this world. Knowing what you can do and how you can do it is extremely important and can prevent major losses from occurring.

Complete and comprehensive understanding of your trading tools is also a major requirement

More training, more time, more experience and knowledge of the markets


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