This Bank Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us

It has got to the point now where my relatively small bankroll is struggling to supplement my football strategies -and- my matched betting and one of them has got to give.

I’ve only been using my football strategies for a week now but have seen some fantastic returns that can be scaled up nicely. Whereas, my matched betting is now onto the ‘bigger’ but more bank consuming bonuses.

Some of the matched bets I have yet to do require lots of wagering and to be honest I’m getting a bit tired from doing them, especially when my KPI for the football strategy is showing some nice weekly ROIs.

The thing is, the strategy at its current scale can produce as much as the matched betting does per week, with less effort.

However, my football strategy has not really been around long enough for my indicator to be -that- reliable, was last week a ‘lucky’ good week? Can I really expect the returns I’m getting? I was predicting a return of around 8% and now it's sitting at 15%. So, I can assume it will come down a few percent to about 9-10%.  This week we are only a couple of days in, but the profits are already starting to roll in, so the indication -for the moment- is that 15% sounds about right.

Another reason for wanting to put matched betting on the back burner is because the two are interfering with each other. The other day I was extracting profit from a free £50 and without realizing had placed a bet on a market that the football strategy uses. This can skewer results and could be potentially costly for either strategy. One solution is to keep one exchange exclusive to the Football strat and leave the rest open for matched betting.

The small bank then is to be dedicated to the football strat for the next month to see how it matures, this should give me more data and thus an improved KPI.

I’m excited about the potential for this, as there are some indications that it can be automated and thus will be no effort from me other than to check how much money I’m making. But I’m getting ahead of myself. For now: Matched betting on the back burner, Football Strat officially takes priority.

I haven’t had time to learn any trading this week, I’m looking forward to applying some new techniques and strategies on the weekend. I’m still in the phase of absorbing as much information as possible, these side projects are helping to build up the bank required to make trading nice and profitable (Yes £100 stakes, I’m looking at you).

I’ve stumbled across some blogs that have a whole wealth of knowledge in them, not just about trading but about betting in general, I’ve added them to my reads list. They are definitely worth a look if you are just starting out. Remember, knowledge = profits.


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