Consider Me This

Having got about 2 months of trading under my belt and having made a net loss of several hundred pounds (discipline related issues mainly). I'm contemplating taking the plunge with one of these spangled trading 'gurus'. You know the ones I'm talking about, there's the famous Caan Berry, but there are a few more out there that are perhaps worth a look at. I think my forte is going to be football primarily, Caan is more of a horse trader, so I'll probably give him a miss.

The real question now is, what sort of price can you put on this, if it saves you several hundred in costly mistakes and gets your strategies off the ground quickly, is it worth the monthly or one-off fee? I'm still on the fence, but I'm thinking to myself, I lost about 40 quid yesterday, that's enough to get the average training pack, maybe they are worth a look after all.


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