Football Trading: The Friendly Struggle

Usually when it comes to mid week football you can get some real good value out of games from the Champions League, a little bit of Europa League, and some FA and League Cup action in between. But there is the odd occasion when this rhythm is broken.

The Internationals

The internationals are just a minefield to trade, whether its qualifiers or friendlies, anything goes, prior stats are almost irrelevant, teams can become favourites, when really they shouldn't be, and score sheets can vary from low scoring or nil nil draws, to high tempo high scoring thrashings.

Pre-Match Trades

One thing is for sure, unless you have the inside scoop, things that look like value trades may actually be indicative and result in a painful loss for you. The only thing going for friendlies is they boost your ability to read games when trading in play.

Strange Decisions

This is one of the key reasons why internationals are such a minefield. I'm not talking about referees here. I'm talking about internationals managers. Take the England game tonight against the US. Rooney has been called back up.... Why? He will tell you its a farewell game, but he's already had one of those. Really its because he now plys his trade in America with DC United, and Rooney in the England squad is clearly some form of behind the scenes financial incentive based bullshit.

But this is what I mean, you really can't trust the internationals, -especially friendlies-. There's too much outside influence that can have adverse effects on the real price. But not just that, the players themselves, they barely get to play together and thus develop a team bond. They may thrash a team one month and strangle out a nil nil draw the next.

So what should you do? take all your pre-match stuff and throw it out the window right now, just trade in-play and enjoy the matches.


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