Never Underestimate Derby's when trading

Last nights trading was going well,  picking up small profits across the board trading football games, trading what I saw. I did some pre-match analysis on Sheffield United Vs. Sheffield Wednesday. 

Wednesday had not kept a clean sheet in about 10 games off the top of my head, and Sheffield United had scored in about 7 or 8 of their last games. All the statistics were pointing to at least a goal being scored. So I thought laying a cheeky pre-match 0-0 draw would be a no-brainer. A lovely little fire and forget that from all the stats, was a highly probable outcome. Boy was I wrong. Wednesday parked the bus and absorbed countless attacks and United never managed to score. The result put me £75.00 in the red.

Luckily there were a few more games on that day that allowed me to make a small profit on the day of £13.00. 

Lesson learned though, don't do any pre-matched betting on a derby because they tend to run on their own dynamics. This makes me wonder about what to do with the Manchester City vs Manchester United game this Sunday. My feeling is to not do any bets until the game goes in play and just trade what I see, but I won't lie, I am concerned by how volatile derby games can be for a trader.


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