Rematch. Less Angry, More Zen

Following on from yesterdays absolute shit show of a time, I thought it would be best to document today's results, how I felt, what worked and what didn't.

Today's bets are on the league cup games for the major European leagues, mainly German and English. This is the same as yesterday with the key difference being, I've (hopefully) learned a painful lesson from yesterday.

So, what went right and what went wrong. 

Pre-match profiling

From the off I just detached myself from the loss, I mean, it was big, I chunked out 38% of the allocated bank for this stat. But these losses will take care of themselves if I adhere to the rules and just be patient. 

So this time the emphasis is making sure that my mindset is correct and that all my equipment is up and ready. Basically, nothing that I can foresee will stress me out. The old mantra Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance rings in my ears.

I've got post-it notes at the ready, and a handy little notebook to jot down both any concerns I have or any thoughts/urges that may arise during the session. I want everything documented analyzed and ironed out.

Placing the bets

Placing the bets, no stress, following the strategy, I generally have no issue with placing bets... I have decided to use the exchange exclusively for this strat. Let's minimize complications by reducing equations.

Pre-Match thoughts

No dramas, bets are placed, I'm happy with my position in the market, and to be honest, its a market it could go either way. I now look at things in the long term, stick to the strat rules. I'd really like not to be able to see my P/L. I feel I'd be able to work with even less emotion and just green up (or red up) accordingly. The only sad thing is that it took yesterday's heavy loss to make me more focused like this.

In-Play Thoughts

I made a mistake on the first game today, I wasn't at the computer at the time and got a notification through on my smartwatch that a goal had been scored and the conditions were right for me to green up. Blindly trusting the notification I opened the exchange on my phone and traded out for a loss, what I didn't realize is that the goal had been disallowed. This would have had a disastrous effect on me had it happened yesterday. I would be slapping bets into the market to go into profit. I could feel those urges bubbling up in the back of my mind. The fact that I was consciously aware of them was enough for them to dissipate, it was a minor one or two tick loss, in the grand scheme of things. It's nothing. I mean yeah sure, it was a rookie mistake, and I can assure you it won't happen again, but no way am I chasing that up. Test one passed.

I got another urge in the last game of the day, it was Barcelona vs a very defensive team, it was one of those games where it could have easily ended with no match criteria being met, by about halftime, I could see it was one of those mega defensive teams so I was considering laying a high correct score. Luckily my smarts kicked in and I prevented myself from doing so. Its one of those scenarios where you're really keen for the game to pan out and are almost expecting it to. So you go in with this mindset that it's already won. But of course, the market can go anyway it pleases.


In all, I was much more aware of moments when I wanted to chase profits, there were a couple of things today that could have had me chasing losses right from the get-go; like for example greening up on the disallowed goal. Barcelona was testing and allowed me to reflect on the patience and correct mindset needed to compete in these markets. It also reminded me that you shouldn't put any bets on Barca if they don't have messi


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