Trading, The Gender Gap

In an era where you can trade from the relative comfort of your own home, it's hard to gauge the exact number of male/female traders. But there are some telltale signs and clues that there are less female traders then males.

The Pros

Unlike most 'normal' jobs, whether you're a pro or not is determined very little by your gender. There's no chairman or CEO that gets to dictate who sits at the top of the castle with him, it's purely down to your own skillset and abilities in the markets. With that said, how many female Pro traders have you seen at any of the major events like the Matchbook Traders Conference? In that round-up video, you see one woman, and she's handing out badges for the conference.

Social Media and Youtube

If like me, you did lots of your research prior to getting into trading, that would have involved a good stint watching videos of other traders on youtube, for hints and tips about specific markets you're interested in. You may also have followed some of these vloggers/bloggers to stay up to date with the latest information, but how many videos involved a female trader? How many people did you follow on twitter that were female?

What's Caused This Gap

I think the gender gap in trading is a two-fold thing. firstly, betting has always been a male-dominated pass time, many bookies back this up with reasons ranging from:
men are more happy taking risks
the affirmation of ego and being ‘right’ perhaps appeals more to men, than to women
I think these are definitely contributing factors, but I also think trying something new can be intimidating if its male dominated (again for a number of reasons). Look at gaming for example, many female friends enjoy playing video games but balk at the idea of playing online. So I think with careful marketing and a more welcoming environment, we may see more women entering the trading seen

More Women in Trading is Good For Everyone

Men and Woman think and approach problems differently, one of the most important factors of trading is a person's mental state. The psychological prowess that boils down to improved discipline and objective thinking.

Given that men and woman approach problems differently, there is the  potential to learn a great deal from female traders based on the fact that they may approach some of the common problems differently. This has got to be good for everyone really.


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