Weekend Trading Round Up

Welcome to a new feature of the blog, the weekend trading round-up, this is where I take a look at what happened over the weekend, what worked and what didn't.
So to start, I hit some big realizations over this weekend. There is no quick win scenario, these are some real long-haul strats that are great overall but require lots of tinkering All the outcomes won't win, but you just need to win more then you lose and the jobs a gooden. Whilst there are profits being made I'm still inclined to believe this is a bit too 'gambely' for my tastes, there has to be something that feels less so.

Common strategy analysis

Whilst tinkering with the strat I stumbled across some chatter about the common "Trade Under 2.5" strat and watched the market on a few of the games. I noticed something that happened in all of them, before the off, the markets rose by a few ticks, it looks very much like there's some market manipulation happening before the off and up to about 3-5 mins into the game. This presents an opportunity that is definitely worth investigating. For example, you could Lay the unders market and then when it peaks out; scalp the profits before returning to your unders strategy several minutes into the game. It's only a few ticks, but hey, money's money.

'Favorable Feels'

Dabbling in the horse racing with small stakes I feel I'm getting better. What is really interesting is after applying techniques to horse trading, when you go back to the videos of scalping you can start to make sense of what the trader is doing and why. It's only the tip of the iceberg, but its a start.

Trading Software

I think I've settled on my go-to trading tool, I loved BetAngel, but for the price, it's just not ticking those boxes for me. I've decided to go with Geek Toy, minimalist, simple and pretty straightforward to use once you understand all the lingo. To be fair, it was mainly PeterWebbs 'How to use BetAngel' Videos that explained the lingo to me, all the software is pretty much the same anyway.

Gotta Pay your way

You gotta pay to get the data. My strats are beginning to hit some strong headwind, and I believe -and I could be wrong here- that it is down to a lack of data for games that I'm trading on. I've been using the fantastic Sofa score to analyze market information as well as notify me when games are about to start. However I know there are other analysis sites available, and it may just be the ticket. However, I'm in a bit of a catch 22, Whilst the strats are looking promising, lack of discipline and greed as mentioned in another post have squandered chunks of my bankroll. Do I maintain a good level of patience, hone the strat and then pay for some better data? Will I even need better data if it gets to the point where I'm happy to pay for it? Questions questions.


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