Weekend Trading Round up

This weekends trading saw me take a different approach than before, I decided to only trade matches I could watch, any matches. As long as I could get the stats and get the stream, then it's fair game. This saw me trade on matches from Australia, China and even a few games in South America.

The profits increased quiet dramatically thanks to this approach. Looking back at it, this kind of makes sense, if you can't get a feel for the body language of the game, then you can't know the way a particular team is playing, regardless of what the stats are saying. The stats only give an indication of how a team was performing, not necessarily how they are right now.

I traded in multiple markets and even dabbled n a few lay the draw/back the under strats, wherever I felt there was a decent enough chance to squeeze out some value. 

In addition to this, I dabbled in some horse trading. I didn't do too much, small stakes just one tick scalps. I was trying to 'get in the zone' as it were, and I generally ended the days in profit, because of the small stakes I was obviously only up between 10 and 20 pence a race. Scalping is my Long term goal, I look to do more scalp 'feelers' in the future. (After all, this is Scalp Club)


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