Why Smarkets is the logical choice for those just starting out

If you're new to the world of betting exchanges, then they can be a pretty daunting place. You would have heard of Betfair as a betting exchange and probably not much else. But there are other exchanges available. I stumbled across betting exchanges whilst spending my time as a matched bettor.  I have accounts with all the big players. BetDaq, Betfair, Matchbook and Smarkets. But I do the majority of my trades with only one of them. Smarkets. It's my number one exchange for a number of reasons.

Clean, Modern, Interface

The clean and modern interface for Smarkets is unrivalled in terms of ease of use and feature richness. It's fast with a well-designed API, which means odds update very quickly. It's clean and professional looking. You're not polluted with casino offers and enticement banners. It's easy to navigate and has a feature you'll only find on betting software. Market Charts.

The market charts allow you to gauge what way the market is going at a glance, ok, it won't beat trading software but its leaps and bounds ahead of other exchanges.

Market Liquidity

It won't beat Betfair in market liquidity but it has definitely overtaken BetDaq when it comes to market liquidity. I know this because I -was- running separate strategies on both exchanges in similar markets. I struggled to get my bets matched in BetDaq, but it happened quickly in Smarkets. If you're into niche markets (like Brazilian Football league 2), then you'll need to stick with Betfair, but for popular and average markets, Smarkets will easily match large stakes.

Bet Management

Now, I like to see my bets, I like to be able to quickly get to my matched and unmatched bets. Viewing your bets is simple in Smarkets, your matched and unmatched bets are accessible from the right-hand panel, whilst you are -anywhere- on the site. This was a feature that I sorely missed on BetDaq and Betfair. Having to click through multiple pages and then do some other jiggery-pokery just to get to my open bets... Not my cup of tea. This is one of the major reasons why I favoured Smarkets.

Statements and Account Management

This is a feature that is in all exchanges really, the ability to manage all your betting/account activity and download it as a CSV file. This is critical if you want to progress with trading. Speaking of which I have created an amazing football trading Google Sheets template that has some amazing features. I'll be sharing this with a video on how to use it later in the week.

Low Commission

This is the primary reason why you should be using Smarkets. Their low commission means that you get more value from your trades. When you're starting out you need all the value you can get.

So if you haven't given it a try, it's definitely worth signing up with them


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