The Spirit of Motivation

I was trading on the European football this afternoon and it reminded me of the importance of motivation. What is driving this team to play. Do they NEED to win? Take Man City versus Hoffenheim, I was confident it would be a draw or man city, but Hoffenheim NEEDED to beat city. Their backs were to the wall, whereas City had already qualified, this was a token match to prove their worth to the gaffer so to speak. At the time Hoffenheim were 8 so I slapped some good money on it with the thought that Hoffenheim will scrape out an early goal. which of course, happened. Their odds to win went from 8 to 4, nice clean exit, nice clean profit. (I believe they went on to lose 2-1, I don't bother watching after trading out).

Shakhtar vs Lyon, Shakhtar needed the win to beat Lyon into second place, I felt there was enough pressure in the game for there to be more then 1.5 goals, so I traded the 1.5 market. Low and behold, Shakhtar scored first adding more pressure for a second goal. Could trade out there or keep it. I'm a trader so I traded out, however it did end 1-1.

The importance of motivation, it becomes very obvious when a team has already qualified and a team is already knocked out. They have nothing to lose and play with a confidence that can only come from a team that knows its fate. The results for Madrid and Juventus were not really a shocker. I didn't trade because those sort of games could go either way, but its always fun to see the 'odds on favourite' get a hiding.

Tonight's games in the Europa league will be much the same, so expect some funny results that you may be able to exploit. Only trade the games where there's strong motivational factors at play. 


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